Pratt Interdisciplinary Course 
Surfaces Textures and Membranes
This image represents the end result of a course that allowed me to explore and use an arduino software and hardware. The projects initial concept was, how humans are shaped physiologically by sound and that sounds move through humans, therefore the human acts as a membrane in this project. Using the 3D Auto CAD software Rhino, Vacuum Forming and coding an Arduino this was created. Each quadrant depicted above this caption has a different sound pre - loaded, the sounds were created by Jairo.
The quadrants were made by using Polystyrene in combination with a wooden form created from a CNC Mill / Router. The surfaces' forms were designed in Rhino software. Electricity was conducted to the quads of polystyrene via aluminum wrap that was stuck to the backsides of the squares in order to edit and modulate parameters in the arduino software.
Fictional Narrative:
Choose Your Own Adventure Web Based Game,
Created and coded by Jairo Gomez in the Twine software.
(see screenshots and documentation)
Opening Page
Opening Page
In progress shot of the paths in Twine
In progress shot of the paths in Twine
The video is for your viewing as it is just a demo of the paths and what is seen through the game.
There are a few random variables that relate to information revealed to the user,
if you play the game over a few times.
Basic HTML5 and CSS:
Hyperlink text story with the styling of the  mouse roll over effect on the clocks.
None of the animated gifs embedded in this project were created by Jairo Gomez,
Only compiled and curated by Jairo. That being said this demonstrates how Jairo is able to code an organize content into web format.

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