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Project description:
The commodification of social media and the identity of individuals, visualized.
This video piece is meant to explore the ramifications of overly stimulating advertisements in the new digital era and how corporations use data for profit with meta data and keeping track of their customers or consumers.
The footage shot, assets, and sounds created are by Jairo G.
Motion Tracking
Motion tracking applied in Adobe After effects by Jairo Gomez.
Video was shot as stable as possible for the motion tracking points to be used for media such as text, 3D files and effect overlays.
"CLOCK PROJECT" created by Jairo G.
 The concept behind this was that the project visuals be in sync with the tempo of the music or a clocks tick.
Compilation of videos edited/manipulated by Jairo G.
Videos shared and created by Hightosis
Music by Drew The Architect  & BONES
Initially just a collaged image, I brought my layers into After Effects to make it come to life, and added my own custom soundtrack.
Tainted Liberty
Created in October 2019.
This image was created by cutting and collaging parts of an old 80s marketing book and then scanning it in order to digitize it.
Video Manipulation 
Demonstration of creation of visuals and manipulation of the elements in the video.
Visuals supplied by Hightosis and edited / manipulated by Jairo
BFA Communications Design Graduate thesis (archival purposes)


This project explores the power dynamics and preconceived notions of digital technologies as disconnected from materialism. Through a series of curated images and counter-cultural artifacts based off of a (working) number of ideal principles, each stemming from science fiction.
Throughout history there have been moments of technological change and coping with that technological change, time and time again. Those who do not cope, depending on the magnitude of the new technology introduced, will either be phased out or have to find an alternative.
Through the developmental stages of technology there are different stages in which a new technology becomes integrated into a large portion of a civilization.
Along with mocking the essence of corporate and government entities.
The project is a reflection and critique of how technology trends become integrated in a civilization and how new ways of living are oftentimes passively embodied info artifacts.
The artifacts were created from what are considered ‘old’ technologies that were bought cheap or found, such technology is deemed no longer popular by capitalism and its users.
Overall the project is meant to inspire and diffuse generational dependence and change consumer behavior along with maintaining ecological awareness and integrity, seeing as technology is an extension of human intention and power.
Posing such questions as,
is there an alternative to over-consumption of communication technologies?
Why are we being watched by government entities but not protected?
Who truly benefits from new technologies?
Thank you for viewing my work.
Concept by Jairo Gomez
Copyright 2020.
Video Demo: Typography
The scenery was drawn in Adobe Illustrator in order to achieve the animated Parallax effect when the scene was transferred into After Effects, I used the pen tool and created the path for the decorative typography being drawn when the video plays.
Collage Animation by Jairo G.
The strips of words are scanned in from a book,  Sociological Worlds Comparative and Historical Readings on Society, 1st Edition  excerpts from The Revolutions of 1989: Socialism, Capitalism, Democracy . The scans of the book excerpts were cleaned up in Photoshop then exported as .pngs to be used for video manipulation in After Effects.
Sample: Opening Credits "Life Decays"
By Jairo Gomez
Simple animated text intro to a soundtrack by Bones.
Achieved in After Effects.
Simple Animation In After Effects
By Jairo G.
Simple animated ball depicting animation basics and principles,
created by Jairo G. in Adobe After Effects
FINAL VER of Dazed Magazine fashion cover (created as a class assignment)
FINAL VER of Dazed Magazine fashion cover (created as a class assignment)
near finished product in progress
near finished product in progress
progress shot
progress shot
Drawn by me and converted into sticker.
Drawn by me and converted into sticker.
sticker batches; the white is transparent when peeled
sticker batches; the white is transparent when peeled
These where the first variant of stickers i had ever created at this scale so i used it for a package design
These where the first variant of stickers i had ever created at this scale so i used it for a package design
packaged and sitting pretty
packaged and sitting pretty
Drawing of my car v1
Drawing of my car v1
Drawing of my car inverted
Drawing of my car inverted
User Interface Design
Project formed around Teams of 3 from a Integrated Visual Communication class, swapped visual languages that they each had come up with during an allotted time frame of a semester and had to re purpose the language of another team, or apply it in some new concept for visual communication. I was in charge of the UI/UX design and layout and also animating the demo reel for class presentation in front of faculty.
Malava is an alternative discreet messaging app created through a visual language, this language was created via another team in groups.

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